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Fujifilm training day in London!

2024 starting with a bang! Not only was I now working with Dave Kitson helping with the social media for his academy, but I also got to spend the day at Fujifilm's House of Photography in London for a training day.

I spent the day with the Fujifilm experts learning how to use every aspect of my camera to better my skills for photography and videography. I now feel very confident that I can delivery a top quality professional product for any client in any situation.

I have put my new found knowledge to the test already with some portrait shoots of family and friends, also, videoing some "an evening with" style interviews with former footballers.

I plan to spend more time at Fujifilm to progress my skills even more and increase my lens selection to give any client exactly what they want from a shoot.

Me outside Fujifilm ready to learn.

Dave Kitson & Glen Little chatting football on stage.
Blue Collar Corner event

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