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How did I end up working with a former Premier League striker?

Updated: Jan 30

In December 2023 my life changed dramatically as I got the opportunity to work with a former Premier League striker, Dave Kitson. I used to cheer for Dave when he played for Reading FC in the mid 2000's.

Dave has recently started his own football academy. His goal is to provide coaching for all abilities and ages. My nephew had a session with Dave and I went along to take some photos and videos. Dave, Mark (Dave's business partner) and I got talking and I put a small video together to showcase what i can do. You can see the video below.

From there they have offered me the role of Content Creation Manager. This means i am creating content for the academy and running the academy's social media. Go follow, like and subscribe to "The Dave Kitson Academy" on all socials.

Dave Kitson celebrating for Reading FC
Dave Kitson

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